West Unity WWTP Success Story

The West Unity Wastewater Treatment Plant success story is in the June 2020 issue of Treatment Plant Operator magazine. https://www.tpomag.com/editorial/2020/06/tackling-a-permit-compliance-challenge-with-preliminary-and-secondary-treatment-upgrades

Working closely with Joshua Fritsch, West Unity village administrator, and Randy Mahlman, water and wastewater treatment plant superintendent, Poggemeyer Design Group enlisted the help of Lakeside Equipment Corp. to design the cost effective improvements to the West Unity WWTP that would ensure West Unity would have no trouble complying with their OhioEPA consent decree. The project entailed updating the 20+ year old aeration rotors in the oxidation ditch and the construction of a new headworks and headworks building.

The existing aeration rotors were not capable of supplying enough oxygen to the mixed liquor in the summer months to meet the plant’s ammonia permit limit.

Poggemeyer Design Group specified Lakeside Magna Aeration Rotors to replace the existing rotors because of their robust design and their ability to efficiently supply oxygen to the mixed liquor. The Magna Rotors have proven to be a the perfect choice for West Unity. They not only supply enough oxygen to easily meet the treatment plant’s summer ammonia limit, they do it using less horsepower than the rotors they replaced. While Josh and Randy appreciate the energy savings, they are thrilled that they no longer have to worry about meeting their summer ammonia limit.

The new Lakeside Magna Rotors have covers to protect the operators from the spray and aerosols produced when the rotors are turning. The covers also help retain heat in the winter months.

The new headworks were a major improvement to the treatment plant. Prior to installation of the Lakeside MicroStrainer screen and SpiraGrit grit removal system West Unity’s headworks consisted of just a coarse bar rack. Before the improvement project Randy spent a great deal of time pulling rags and debris off of weirs and out of pumps.

Lakeside MicroStrainer screen is on the left in this picture inside the new headworks building. Have you ever seen the floor in a headworks building as clean and shiny as this one? Randy takes great pride in maintaining the equipment and the cleanliness at his treatment plant.

The Lakeside Spiragrit grit removal uses a Gorman Rupp T Series self priming centrifugal pump to pump grit from the grit hopper to the grit classifier.

Joshua Fritsch, West Unity village administrator, on the left and Randy Mahlman, water and wastewater superintendent in the new headworks building. Josh and Randy teamed up with Lakeside Equipment and Poggemeyer Design Group and played a major role in the successful design and construction of the improvements to West Unity’s Wastewater Treatment Plant.

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