Screw Pump Delivered to Lancaster WPCF

I typically don’t get to witness the delivery of equipment I’ve sold on a wastewater treatment plant project. But, on October 6th, I was present at the Lancaster WPCF to see the first of three Lakeside Equipment Corporation Type-S screw pumps delivered. The three pumps coming to Lancaster will replace three existing influent screw pumps at the plant. These pumps are noteworthy for a couple reasons.

60″ diameter Lakeside Type S screw pump waiting to enter the Lancaster WPCF

First, the sale of these pumps was a large order. Personally, who wouldn’t think the delivery of a large order is noteworthy. Second noteworthy reason, the order could have been much larger, nearly twice as large. Wait, did I just say that? That seems a little off…when you’re talking about sales, a larger order is better, right?

Let me explain. When the design for improvements to the Lancaster WPCF was underway, I was asked for a proposal by the design engineer for replacement of the pumps in kind, the same style and type as the existing screw pumps. Lakeside Equipment Corp. provided the proposal as requested, but also told the engineer that there was a better, lower cost, alternative screw pump available for the application.

Existing influent screw pumps being replaced at the Lancaster WPCF

The existing screw pumps at the treatment plant were what Lakeside calls a Type “C” enclosed screw pump. Type “C” Enclosed Screw Pumps are designed with two convoluted flights that are welded to the inside of a rotating steel tube. This type of screw pump is typically used in applications where the water needs to be lifted higher than an open-flight screw pump can lift.

The lift required for the influent pumping application at the Lancaster WPCF was well within the capabilities of an open flight screw pump. The reason the engineer asked for an enclosed Type “C” pump was concrete troughs for the open flight pumps to rest in didn’t exist. Lakeside knew there was another, more cost-effective solution, Lakeside’s Type ”S” pump. Type “S” Enclosed Screw Pumps utilize the same design and operating principles as Open Screw Pumps but are enclosed in stationary steel tube rather than in an open trough. Don’t have a concrete trough? No problem. We’ll put the open flight screw pump in a tube.

Lower cost? The Type “S” screw pumps for the application at the Lancaster WPCF were half the cost of what the Type “C” pumps would’ve been. Wow! That’s value plain and simple! It is very rewarding and feels great to provide such value for a community. The money saved will allow for Lancaster to apply the money saved to additional needed improvements.

Lakeside Equipment Corporation has been designing and building screw pumps for over 50 years. They make screw pumps that range from 12” to 144” in diameter for pump rates ranging from 90 to 55,000 gallons per minute. All of Lakeside’s pumps are fabricated in Chariton, Iowa by Johnston Machine Works using U.S. steel. More importantly, Lakeside designs and builds their pumps to provide years of service. Most operating trouble-free for more than 20 years. Now that’s true value.

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