We represent the following manufacturers and products in Ohio:

Customized Online O&M Training Courses, applicable for contact hours

Rotary lobe pumps and grinders

Grande Water Management Systems
EQ Basin Flush Gates, Stormwater Overflow Screens, CSO Bending Weirs Flow Regulators

Gravity Flow System
Wedgewater Sludge Drying Beds

Electro-Chlorinators for water disinfection

Ixom Watercare
Dissolved organic carbon removal with Miex ion exchange resin

Komline-Sanderson Engineering Belt Filter Press; Gravity Belt Thickener; DAF; Plunger Pump; Sludge Dryer

Lakeside Equipment Corporation
Septage Acceptance Plant; Raptor Fine Screen; Magna Rotor Aerator; CLR Oxidation Ditch; Enclosed & Open Flight Screw Pump; Spiraflo Clarifier

Submersible, Dry Pit, and Chopper Pumps; Submersible Mixers; Gas Mix Anaerobic Digester Mixing System

Photoionisation Odor Control Technology

Nissen Energy
Electro-Chlorinators for water disinfection

Olympus Technologies Inc (OTI)
Radial Beam Anaerobic Digester Covers; Anaerobic Digester Mixers

Thermal Process Systems
ThermAer Class A Biosolids Digestion Systems; Biofilter Odor Control

Whipps Inc
Stainless Steel Sluice Gates; Aluminum Slide Gates; Stainless Steel Slide Gates; Stop Logs; Telescoping Valves

Tomorrow Water
Primary Filtration
Secondary Biofiltration
Tertiary Biofiltration
Wet WX Biological Treatment