We’re Ready to Pilot!

We have reason to celebrate! Smith Environmental received an order from Peterson Construction Co. for two Neutralox Odor Control systems in February. Peterson is in contract with the Delaware County Regional Sewer District to construct the Lower Alum Creek Relief Pump Station. This project has two Neutralox odor control units on it, one being installed at the pump station, and one being installed at the Alum Creek WRF headworks building. These will be the first Neutralox systems operating in Ohio.

This order is a result of a pilot demonstration conducted at the Alum Creek WRF in August 2018. This was the first pilot demonstration Smith Environmental did with Neutralox. It’s only fitting that our first Neutralox order is a result of our first pilot. Obviously, the pilot was a success. The Neutralox system was shown to be very effective at eliminating the odors from high concentrations of H2S in the influent chamber at the plant headworks.

Neutralox Pilot in operation at the Alum Creek WRF Headworks Building

In fact, all odors in the air treated by the Neutralox unit were eliminated. The H2S removal efficiency was verified by Odaloggers. But, more importantly, a basic sniff test proved that all odors were eliminated. Simply putting your nose in the pilot exhaust and taking a deep breath was all that was really needed to know that the Neutralox system worked, eliminating all odors.

Basic Sniff Test

Since Neutralox is relatively new to Ohio you may not be familiar with it. Neutralox uses photoionization to oxidize and neutralize odorous compounds such as H2S, mercaptans, and dimethyl-sulfide. Photoionization is a non-proprietary process using low pressure UV lamps and a catalyst to create strong oxidants such as OH and ozone. We like to say, “Neutralox doesn’t discriminate, it oxidizes all odors!”

There are more than 30 Neutralox installations in North America. They’re at locations where no odors are acceptable. Pretty much wherever there are people living, working, shopping, going to school, etc… You’ll find them treating odors at sewer lift stations, treatment plant headworks, sludge storage tanks, and sludge dewatering facilities. Utilities find Neutralox systems very attractive because they are so effective at eliminating odors and because they need very little attention with low operating costs.

Spring is just around the corner and with the warmer weather come increased odors. The COVID vaccines are rolling out in ever increasing numbers which means we’ll be able to get back to pilot demonstrations. Maybe as early as this summer. We’re currently getting our Neutralox pilot all tuned up so we’re ready for a season of piloting. Contact me about arranging a pilot demonstration. I’d love to show you what we can do on your worst odors.

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