Non-Revenue Water

I learned a new acronym today. NRW – Non-Revenue Water. What is Non-Revenue Water? It’s the difference between the amount of water supplied into a distribution system and the amount of water that is billed to the customers. Why isn’t it billed for? Apparent Losses – inaccurate metering, data handling/billing errors, and theft Real (Physical)Continue reading “Non-Revenue Water”

We’re Ready to Pilot!

We have reason to celebrate! Smith Environmental received an order from Peterson Construction Co. for two Neutralox Odor Control systems in February. Peterson is in contract with the Delaware County Regional Sewer District to construct the Lower Alum Creek Relief Pump Station. This project has two Neutralox odor control units on it, one being installedContinue reading “We’re Ready to Pilot!”

Passion for Our Work

I have the good fortune of representing Grande Water Management Systems for the state of Ohio. I’ve been working with Grande for almost 20 years. Over that time I’ve had the pleasure to work with Nick Grande, the owner and president of the company. I enjoy working with Nick for many reasons, but the mainContinue reading “Passion for Our Work”