Our Vision

Smith is a team of professionals representing the finest manufacturers of water and wastewater process equipment in the State of Ohio. We strive to provide cost effective, sound solutions to the increasingly demanding regulations placed on the water and wastewater treatment plants of the communities in our state. We want to be a trusted partner working with the engineers, operators, and contractors where the DESIGN is driven by what’s best for the community. We can have a unique and significant role to play in seeing this happens. By not abusing this privilege, it allows the team to focus on the goal of coming up with a design that will produce the best results and return on investment for the utility.

With high trust, engineers are able to make more informed and better decisions about the process equipment that will best meet the community’s needs. Contractors can more precisely meet the engineer’s design, and are more inclined to listen to and weigh the pros & cons of their equipment purchases objectively from someone who has proven they are trustworthy when it comes time to deliver. With high trust, plant operators and their communities are going to get the best value for their investment, plus service well after the equipment is installed – it’s a long-term commitment on our part to support the engineer, contractor and, most importantly, plant operators well after the equipment is installed and started up.

We’ll work to make everyone’s job easier. The community’s investment in these projects is huge, some of the largest expenditures a community will make – often taking 20-year loans to pay for them. These communities want their investment to serve their rate-payers well. We want their investment to be a success story, one that others can hear about and learn from. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience in the industry, bringing both engineering and operations backgrounds to work for you.

We are located in Central Ohio to provide coverage & expertise across the state in this ever changing industry.

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