Ohio AWWA Conference

Smith Environmental is proud to be exhibiting at the 2016 OHAWWA Conference on Wednesday, September 14th in Cincinnati.  We’re also proud to have two of our manufacturers with us in our exhibit booth.  Ellen Gaby, Vice President of Sales at IXOM and Jeff Englum, Regional Sales Manager for ZAPS Technologies will both be attending.

Ellen is presenting on the Expo Tour, where exhibit hall visitors are invited to attend short 15 minute presentations at participating exhibit booths for contact hours. Ellen’s presentation is a treatment analysis of raw water from the Toledo WTP.  She’ll show how IXOM’s ion exchange process called MIEX, when used as a pretreatment step prior to coagulation and flocculation can greatly reduce chemical costs and improve the removal of TOCs from source water.  Ellen’s presentation is not to be missed because she will be preforming jar testing right there at the exhibit booth, recreating the testing that was done in IXOM’s lab.  So, if you want to see an interesting presentation/demonstration be sure to come exhibit booth 414.

Another good reason to stop by exhibit booth 414 is to talk to Jeff Englum about the ZAPS LiquID Station.  The LiquID Station is unlike any other piece of equipment.  It provides real-time analysis of water.  The LiquID Station can help you protect your source water and reduce your chemical costs.  Please come by Smith Environmental’s booth number 414 to talk to Jeff about this new and innovative technology.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Cincinnati.  Please stop by booth 414 and say hi!

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